Video of Cheerleader Asking Special Needs Student to Prom Goes Viral

If Mean Girls was anything like real life, blond cheerleaders would wear pink on Wednesday, date football players, and definitely not ask a young man with autism to prom. But at least one cheerleader at Park Vista High School in Lake Worth is much nicer. 

Senior Mikal Bartosik asked Jonathon, an 18-year-old with  autism, to prom. Bartosik waltzed into his class carrying a giant red box. She lifted the lid. Inside was a giant cookie cake. In white and blue icing, the cake read: Will you go to prom with me?

Jonathon was thrilled. He jumped up and down in excitement. The entire class was watching. 

“So is that a yes?” Bartosik asked.

“Yes!” he shouted with yells and fist-pumping. 

The whole thing was caught on cellphone video and quickly uploaded onto Facebook. It has gotten 23 million views. Heartwarming prom proposals are sweeping the internet. Last year a straight student asked a gay student to prom. Another student asked another on a huge billboard. There's epic dancing. Another student serenaded his to-be date by covering romantic Disney songs

This prom proposal is closer to home and just as heartwarming.

“Everyone is so excited for Jonathon,” says David Moore, who used to cut Jonathon's hair in Boynton Beach. “He's a good kid with a lot of good energy.”

Afterward, the pair hugged and smiled for photos. They were all smiles.

Watch it below.

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