Vodka, Guns, and Frogs: Woman Arrested for Threatening Roommate Who Hid Her Liquor

Key Largo resident Kari Dangler was so incensed when she couldn't find her vodka last week, she turned to the next best option.

A gun.

Dangler, 51, allegedly pointed that gun at the source of her anguish, her roommate, who had hidden her liquor. Clearly, the roommate was well aware of Dangler's testicular fortitude and figured everyone was better off sober.

I'm sure he regretted that decision the moment she appeared to consider playing Duck Hunt with his skull.

Once police arrived at the scene, Dangler attempted to explain her behavior by claiming to have picked up the handgun, which belonged to a third roommate, with the soul intention of cleaning it. Seems legit. Any gun-wielding Southerner would tell you his or her firearms are always best cleansed by being aimed at another individual.

In what amounted to evidence that Dangler may actually need vodka to think coherently, she attributed a bullet casing discovered by officers to some shooting she had done the week prior. Near the pool. At a noisy frog.

When is that zombie apocalypse again?

Dangler was incarcerated and held on $50,000 bond. No word on the real reason the roommate hid the vodka, but he may have shown the world where he hid it.

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