Vote in New Times Best of Broward - Palm Beach 2013 Readers' Poll!

New Times writers have been scouring South Florida for the best restaurants, bars, shops, and services (not to mention, the best drag queen, best pool, best place to meet single men, and other delightful categories) to include in our annual monster issue, Best of Broward - Palm Beach, which comes out in June.

Sure enough, though, every year, readers have their own thoughts about which place has the best burger, best politician, or best beer selection. So let's hear 'em!

Our Readers' Poll is now open for nominations.

This year we have more than 50 categories for readers to chime in on, and for the best results, we are introducing a two-tiered system.

First, visit readerschoice.browardpalmbeach.com -- you can either write in your choice or vote from the drop down menu that appears.

When you're finished, click the "Save Your Ballot" button to the left of the categories. You can vote for as many categories as you like (or even change your vote) until May 1, when the nomination process closes.

After that, we'll tally the results and put the top five contenders in each group up for a multiple-choice vote on May 6. The final results will be released June 13, when New Times' 2013 edition of the Best of Broward - Palm Beach comes out.

Alrighty, fire up your mouse and get voting! And if your favorite hot dog doesn't win... uh, blame Rick Scott!

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