Wanted for Murder, Brooklyn Man Busted in Lauderhill

Police have been looking for Rodney Ragbirsingh since July, when witnesses said the 27-year-old man chased his ex-girlfriend, 24-year-old Greyssel Gomez, through Brooklyn's streets before gunning her down inside an auto repair shop. Last week, investigators tracked him to Lauderhill, where he was arrested by deputies of the Broward Sheriff's Office.

Ragbirsingh and Gomez had a son together, and Ragbirsingh allegedly used that son to bait his trap. A New York Daily News article describes Gomez's murder.

In the minutes before the young mother was killed, a witness saw Gomez walking with a man and pleading for help.

"She was talking to the guy and asked me if I knew Spanish," said a mechanic at one of the Bedford Avenue shops. "Then she asked if I could help her."

The mechanic, who asked not to be identified, told the Daily News he was racked with guilt. He was concerned, but he didn't intervene.

"Listen, mind your own business," a man with Gomez warned him. "That's my woman."

The mechanic walked back into the shop, forcing the Berkeley College student to seek help in another shop.

"She got a couple feet into the shop, and then I saw a young man step behind her," said a second witness, who has given his account to police. "He grabbed her by the back of the neck and she said, 'Leave me alone.'"

Seconds later, the man whipped out a handgun inside the East Flatbush auto repair shop.

"He shot her in the back of the head," the witness said. "She fell to the floor, and then he crouched over her and put three more shots into her head."

That article is here. And here's an article about Ragbirsingh's arrest.

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