We Got Issues: New Times in Print

Drive slowly through this week's New Times feature lest your propeller slice the mountainous flesh of the Manatees. Gus Garcia-Roberts gets close to the men whose jiggling performance art captivates Florida Marlins' fans during the sixth-inning stretch.

For those also inclined to forge a career from an expanding waistline, New Times foodie John Linn recommends Charm City Burgers in Deerfield Beach.

Back in the news section, Garcia-Roberts cruises through the long legal contrails left by Halcyon Jets, popular among celebrities and prosecutors alike -- though for different reasons. Now Boca Raton native Christian Matteis will have to convince a jury he didn't go all hari-kari with Halcyon in his effort to jump-start a new charter jet firm.

With help from state House candidate Freda Stevens, Bob Norman pulls Barry Harris, Democratic operative, out from the shadows. Or off the wall, if we go by the metaphor Stevens prefers: "Barry is sort of like a wad of gum on the wall," she told the New Times columnist. "You see it, but you don't want to look at it." She says Evans was offering to do dirty political deeds for Evan Jenne.

In the music section, Arielle Castillo interviews Lil Jon, the rap star and connoisseur of fine wines whose new album is due out in November. In CrossFade, John Hood has a chat with Juliette Lewis, one of the very few who stuck the landing in her daring leap from film to the music stage. Her band New Romantiques plays the Culture Room on Sunday.

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