We Got Issues: New Times in Print

Bill Ayers and other members of the Weather Underground may have thought that after the Obama presidential campaign they had debunked the notion that they were true terrorists. But in this week's feature Peter Jamison rebunks that theory, offering previously undisclosed details of the investigation into whether the organization orchestrated the 1970 bombing of a San Francisco police station that killed a cop.

Fusik, a jazzy, break-dancing, psychedelically hypnotic group that started in Miami Springs but has since gone global, brings the funk back home for two South Florida shows.

Michael Mills takes a look back at the groundbreaking career of George Segal, the celebrated sculptor with 13 pieces on display at the Norton Museum of Art in West Palm. Segal's figures are set in "public spaces -- a diner, an intersection, a bus -- where utterly private moments are revealed," Mills writes.

New Times restaurant critic John Linn loves Mexican food so much, he will eat it from out of a wheeled cart -- so long as it's the genuine article. That's what he thought he was going to get at El Zocalo. Instead, the too-big menu made ordering a crapshoot, and the decor inspired nightmares of the "Mexican Pavilion at Epcot."

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