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We Have Issues: Tales of Zoophiles, Postmarks, and The Whipping Man

Here's what we've got in the print edition, hot off the press:

  • This week's feature story, subtly rendered to your right, is about zoophiles -- people who love and are sexually attracted to animals. Some among them claim a new frontier for sexual civil rights. Others are resigned to another century in hiding.
  • Pressure's on the Postmarks, the indie darlings with South Florida roots, who told Jose Davila about tackling the sophomore jinx with their new record.
  • Bob Norman congratulates Broward Schools Superintendent Jim Notter for getting the AIG executive treatment (i.e., cash for crash) from the School Board.
  • Brandon K. Thorp rejoices in the sudden vitality of what had been a musty old theater company in his review for The Whipping Man, at the Caldwell in Boca Raton.
  • Crosby, Stills, and Nash is playing Hard Rock Live tomorrow night, writes Mike Sauer, and if there really are discounts for AARP cards, then you definitely want to skip tomorrow's Wexler rally, where aging health-care protesters will be asked to burn them, draft-card style.

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