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What Business Does Lindsay Lohan's Father Have in Fort Lauderdale?

Here's a clue: It has nothing to do with his early '90s insider trading snafu, and he's not going on tour with Charlie Sheen, even though he wrote him an open letter about addiction back in January. Reasonable guesses, though. South Florida is no stranger to financial schemes or "winning" in all of its substance-fueled forms.

And no, Lohan's Fort Lauderdale connection is not for another reality show.

He's launching a rehab facility at sea on a $3.9 million yacht, according to X17 Online.

Lohan told X17:

"I'm excited to say I'm starting a rehab facility at sea on a 3.9 million-dollar yacht that will set sail from Fort Lauderdale. This is the first of its kind. The yacht sleeps eight guests and six crew members. It'll be a great way to offer people a new way of receiving the valuable treatment they need."
In February, Lohan visited a residential treatment center in Fort Lauderdale for teens struggling with addiction. For everyone's sake, let's hope this is more than just a publicity stunt. It's no secret that other aspects of Lohan's life appear, at least publicly, as a foil to his teen addiction advocacy work. According to X17, "Aside from his business endeavors, Lohan is expected in court on May 23 for a misdemeanor domestic violence charge for allegedly abusing ex-fiancée Kate Major." And Lohan, reportedly a recovering addict himself, is appearing on the next season of Dr. Drew's celebrity rehab -- not for drugs, though, for anger.

Lohan's credentials for helping teens struggling with addictions are dicey, and everyone knows his daughter has had substance-abuse struggles of her own, but his rehabilitation mission could be a good thing if he's using his money to hire trained professionals. But how does he have so much money these days, anyway? Working with Dr. Drew must really pay off.

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