Where Is Casey Anthony Now? Still Unemployed, Possibly Attending Therapy

Nothing has changed in Casey Anthony's probation check-ins over the past few months, but all of you folks Googling her keep getting sent to our post from last November, so here's her March check-in paperwork.

It says she's still unemployed, living somewhere in Florida, and isn't in debt. There's also still a "yes" check mark next to "Have you attended educational, vocational classes or mental health, drug, alcohol [redacted] or self-improvement programs?" The redacted word is therapy, according to the Orlando Sentinel, and if Anthony followed the "circle one" instructions on the form, that's the word that's circled.

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Attorney Jose Baez said last year that 

she would go to therapy

 once she returned to Florida for her one-year probation sentence for check fraud.

It's not much to look at, but here's the form if you're still freaking out about her:

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