Who Is Edison Jules, Mystery Man Running for Broward Sheriff?
CZmarlin via Wikimedia Commons

Who Is Edison Jules, Mystery Man Running for Broward Sheriff?

Barring some kind of cataclysmic clusterfrick inside the organization, Vegas odds are that Scott Israel will hold on to his job as the Broward County sheriff in the 2016 election. To date, only one challenger has filed the right paperwork for the job... and he isn’t picking up his phone.

Broward Supervisor of Elections lists Edison Jules as a candidate for Broward sheriff, running as a Democrat. Paperwork was filed on April 30. According to the fine print, Jules has an address in a Plantation apartment, the same address listed for his campaign treasurer, Katherine Antequera. But when New Times shot phone calls to the number listed for Jules and an email and call to his treasurer, we got no response. So far, the campaign has not filed any financial documents laying out contributions. A dive into Broward property records doesn’t list any property in Jules’ name, nor in Antequera’s.

So who exactly is Edison Jules, and why is he running for Broward sheriff?

A LinkedIn profile for Edison Jules recounts a history of law enforcement . . . in Ohio. The page says that from July 2013 to October 2014, he was the deputy police chief of the Shawnee Police Department in Shawnee, Ohio. Currently, the page lists Jules’ job as “creator/executive producer” at Jules Productions LLC in Columbus, Ohio.

Calling the Shawnee Police Department to find out more information on the candidate proved to be a problem.

An official with the Shawnee Township Police Department told New Times the agency has never had an employee of that name. A lieutenant in Shawnee Hills said, “We don’t have an Edison Jules who worked for our agency, never have.” The phone at the police department in Shawnee Village — population 652 — just rang and rang.

Suffice it to say, whatever Jules’ experience was, in whichever Shawnee he might have worked, it’s not going to win him any street cred in Broward. 

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