Woman Pulls Fire Alarm Because She Needed a Plumber

If you were having difficulty getting through to 911 earlier this month, you may have had an issue at the same time as Talitha Myrvil.

If you found it frustrating to get a response from authorities while you were witnessing a carjacking or attempting to prevent grown men from dropkicking women in the face, take solace. Myrvil, 29, needed assistance with a situation much more dire.

Her apartment was holding more water than a camel in a bathtub.

According to Fort Pierce police, Myrvil dialed 911 intending to get assistance with an excess water issue in her apartment. Twice. Both times the woman was instructed to call a plumber.

Proving that she's resourceful, Myrvil did not allow the fact that she was without a plumber's contact information to derail her. She did not the next best thing... and pulled the fire alarm.

Once police officers and firefighters arrived at the scene, the woman was arrested for false fire alarm and misuse of 911 and taken to a place where water will not be an issue.

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