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YouTuber Nina Santiago Shot Video Moments Before Being Arrested Following SWAT Standoff (UPDATED)

Update: It appears the videos Muniztorres made prior to her arrest have been taken down.

Original story:
A woman who was in a brief standoff with SWAT on Wednesday turns out to be a minor YouTube celebrity named Nina Santiago. And, as it goes with YouTube celebs, she shot a video moments before she was arrested.

Santiago, whose real name is Denisse Muniztorres, was taken into custody Wednesday after police were called to investigate a domestic-related incident, according to an arrest report. Muniztorres, 37, had allegedly pointed a handgun at her boyfriend, and told him to get out of her home at the Modera Apartment complex, located at 10170 SW Seventh St. in Pembroke Pines. 

Authorities arrived at the apartment building around 12:30 Wednesday afternoon. Police closed off a section of the building as they negotiated with Muniztorres.

The call prompted local news stations to cover what appeared at first to be a serious standoff. 

Initially, Muniztorres refused to let her son out of the apartment, but authorities persuaded her to do so after speaking with her.

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The standoff lasted for more than six hours before Muniztorres surrendered to police, according to the report. She was then arrested and charged with child neglect and aggravated assault without the intent to kill.

Before coming out and surrendering to authorities, Muniztorres, who works as an exotic dancer, filmed a video she posted on her YouTube page, Nina Unrated, where she tearfully blamed her ex-husband, former Miami Dolphin, Morlon Greenwood, as well as her family for her being in this position.

In the video, titled "The Truth: Are You Happy Now?" Muniztorres addresses Greenwood saying, "I want to thank you for trying to ruin my entire life, and I want to thank you for trying to take Maximus away from me — the last thing that you know I have that would ever love me unconditionally."

Muniztorres and Greenwood were married in 2011.

Muniztorres, who has a Twitter account with more than 42,000 followers and a YouTube channel with 149,694 subscribers, blamed her husband, mother, brother, and sister in the video.

"And now there's a whole house filled with police officers... and I want to let you know that you have contributed to what happened today. You are a son of a bitch," a tearful Muniztorres says.

Muniztorres says she took care of Greenwood when he went broke from "drinking and partying," and accuses him of getting government checks fraudulently even though he's not disabled. 

"My son has no idea what a pathetic piece of shit you are," she says. 

"Marolon Greenwood, do you feel good about yourself?" she asked before saying that Greenwood told her little sister she was a stripper and had been sexually abused.

Muniztorres then says, "Let's talk about your sexuality. And how I used to fuck you in the ass. Let's put everything out there, because there's no coming back from this."

At one point in the video, Muniztorres is interrupted by her son, who appears off-camera. She politely asks him to close the door before she finishes recording.

In a previous video posted, Muniztorres confesses to being bisexual in an effort to get ahead of alleged threats made by Greenwood that he would expose her to her ultra-conservative Christian family. She also goes on to reveal some very personal information, such as being forced to have sex with her brother while their father watched and being forced to watch pornography. She also accuses her father of raping her.

According to police, Muniztorres admitted that she pointed the gun at her boyfriend and that she was having suicidal thoughts.  
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