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Dada Idol

It was of one of man’s first utterances, a cry for father. It began its professional career in 1916 as the beloved sobriquet and rallying shriek of a cabaret act in Zurich; and in 1999, it entered retirement in South Florida as a restaurant: “Dada.” Hip and artsy as it is, there’s no telling if the original Dadaists – a ragamuffin band of nihilists – would’ve patronized Dada Restaurant and Lounge (52 N Swinton Ave., Delray Beach). But tonight, Dada’s dead progenitors will be smiling down from oblivion as the restaurant inaugurates an innovative kind of karaoke that takes punter-participation to new heights.

No, this won’t be a sad charade of wailing, sodden drunks and Japanese businessmen on Sake rampages. This will be karaoke with a live band. Diesel, a heavy metal combo recently short a lead singer (Dada karaokers take note), will provide instrumental backup to 150 rock songs. The restaurant will provide lyrics and drink specials. Diners, do the rest. If you’re looking for your promised 15 minutes of (smash-faced) fame, here’s your chance: show up, drink to excess, and grab the microphone. And who knows, you might spot an actual Dadaist in attendance (he’ll be the one deep-throating the mic stand). Call 561-330-3232.
Mondays, 2007

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