April Wolfe

April Wolfe

April Wolfe is the film critic for L.A. Weekly. Her criticism and features also appear in other Voice Media Group publications and in VMG's film partner the Village Voice. She's written for The Atlantic, Marie Claire, CityLab, Vice and many others, and she's the founder and a producer of One Axe Plays, a film and theater collective for women writers and directors. As a filmmaker, she's produced a feature film, written and directed a handful of shorts and worked in creative development as a top-level story analyst.

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  • 9 days ago | Film Reviews

    The film sends the simultaneous messages that it’s futile to coddle children but also that it’s OK to feel the icky stuff that you feel, because even your weaknesses can be transformed to strengths

  • The choices Ava DuVernay makes in her heart-on-its-sleeve adaptation of Madeleine L'Engle's beloved science fiction adventure novel might seem antithetical to the traditional big-budget adventure tale. Early in the film, she employs the verite...

  • At a late-morning Sunday showing of Eli Roth's Death Wish remake, a theater of about 65 let loose a few sparse chuckles at Bruce Willis' characteristic tough-guy-with-untreated-depression quips, jumped when Willis fired a pistol in an...

  • 18 days ago | Film Reviews

    Potter isn’t what you’d call subtle, but she also knows not to overstay her welcome, and this pithy comedy is a masterclass in all that a filmmaker can squeeze from the most basic theatrical concept ...

  • 18 days ago | Film Reviews

    The film gives only the most paltry consideration to geopolitics, to relations between the U.S. and Russia or America’s own corrupt operations

  • Sally Potter's The Party is a slim 75 minutes of dinner-party farce, like Bunuel meets Moliere, grounded in Chekhov -- there's literally a gun introduced in the first act. Upon the occasion of Janet's (Kristin Scott Thomas) ascension to...


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