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  • 14 days ago | Longform

    "He was quiet." Imagine that. Of all the words in all the land one could use to describe DJ Khaled, Gary Holzenthal chose "quiet." It would have been less jarring to learn that his best friend was a llama. "We have had our fair share of characters...

  • 2 months ago | Interviews

    Corey Jones called his older brother to let him know he'd be late. His SUV had broken down near the southbound I-95 exit ramp to PGA Boulevard. It was 2:52 a.m., and Corey had pulled onto the shoulder to wait for help. His older brother, Clinton J...

  • 4 months ago | Concerts

    Thank you, Taylor Swift, for not destroying the world. What? You don't think she could if she wanted to? Oh, really? Did you know that T-Swift has more followers across social media than the population of Germany? And do you remember what Germany ...

  • 5 months ago | Interviews

    There's a one-armed guitar player strumming away at a dive bar in Pompano Beach. Ordinarily, this would turn heads, but the few patrons in attendance on a Tuesday night seem more interested in their beer. Also, this is Pompano Beach, where somethi...

  • 5 months ago | Bars and Clubs

    On September 19, 1914, Mac Klein was born — just 49 years after Robert E. Lee's army fired the last bullet of the Civil War and two months into World War I. The Ford Model T was celebrating its sixth year on the road. Miami Beach didn't exist, and...

  • 8 months ago | Concerts

    Last February, Exposed PR and C&I Studios joined forces to put on the first ever For the Love music festival. The event brought just about every local band south of Orlando (more than 30 live acts) to Fort Lauderdale's FAT Village for an entir...


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