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Republican Pollster: 57 Percent of Floridians Support Legalizing Medicinal Pot

A survey conducted by GOP pollster Fabrizio, McLaughlin & Associates -- the same firm that conducted polls for Florida Gov. Rick Scott's campaign -- found that 57 percent of Floridians support legalization of medicinal marijuana. 

​This news comes as sources say there is a serious movement afoot to bring the issue to the Florida ballot in 2012. Such a referendum would require 60 percent of voters to legalize the green stuff so long as it is prescribed by a doctor.

A total of 800 voters in the poll, which was leaked to the Pulp, were asked the question: "If there was a Constitutional Amendment on the statewide ballot to legalize the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes only when prescribed by a practicing physician and the election were held today, would you vote YES to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes or NO to stop it?"

Inside, some of the poll's most interesting findings -- including a look at which area of the state is the most pot-happy (hint: It's nearby) and how white and black voters compare on the issue. 

Some of the findings: 

-- Of those responding 41 percent said they would definitely vote yes while 17 percent said they would probably vote yes. Only 31 percent said they would definitely vote no on the issue. 

-- Women were slightly more supportive of the measure (58 percent in the "yes" category) than men (56 percent).

-- White voters (59 percent) and Hispanic voters (58 percent) were more likely to support medicinal marijuana than black voters (55 percent). 

-- Not surprisingly, Democrats were more supportive than any other political group, with a full two-thirds of Democratic respondents (67 percent) supporting the measure. Republicans gave it only 44 percent support, while Independents were 63 percent in favor. 

-- Those identifying as pro-choice on the abortion issue were in favor by a whopping 75 percent while only 40 percent in that anti-abortion camp said yes. 

-- When it comes to geography, West Palm was most in favor with a healthy 73 percent going the yes route (Miami was 58 percent in that regard, while Broward wasn't listed). The most ardently anti-pot city in Florida? Jacksonville, which had only 41 percent in the favorable camp and 44 percent saying they would definitely vote no. 

-- Beyond political party, those identifying themselves as "liberal" were 77 percent in favor, moderates were 65 percent in favor, and conservatives were only 40 percent in favor. 

-- A majority of all age groups supported the notion, with the 18- to 24-year-olds most in favor with 79 percent (or 14 of the 18 respondents in that group). The least supportive were 65-plus and 35- to 44-year-olds, both at 53 percent in favor. 

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