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Bestselling Author Meg Cabot Kicks Off Remembrance Book Tour in Fort Lauderdale

As a #1 New York Times bestselling author behind books for both adults, tweens, and teens, Meg Cabot knows how to embrace her natural gifts.  

"We all have an "inner royal" — something we're great at, or loved doing as kids, anyway," says the Key West resident. "But sometimes life comes along, and we forget —or become shy— about letting that "inner royal" out as much as we used to." 

"Even though I always dreamed of becoming a writer, I never imagined that anything I wrote would become so popular."

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Currently on tour to promote her new book, Remembrance, from The Mediator series, Cabot reached a milestone in her career last year, as she celebrated the 15th anniversary of her famous Princess Diaries series with two new books — an adult romance, Royal Wedding, and a middle grade book about Princess Mia's little sister, From the Note of a Middle School Princess

  With over 70 books written to date, it's a marvel how she continues to conjure fresh ideas in order to sustain interest and turn her fans into voracious readers of her series'. However, Cabot told New Times she doesn't have to look that far for inspiration. 

"I generally only have to turn to local Miami/Keys news," she says. "Every Floridian knows that our news is the most interesting and unique in the world. Several of the story lines in both Royal Wedding and Remembrance are borrowed from events reported in The Key West Citizen and Miami News — though I changed the names of everyone concerned!"

And remembering the minute details of her books isn't easy either, as Cabot admits she has to keep something that she calls a "story bible," which is a massive document listing all the characters from her books and their descriptions. 

Pleased with her success in both romantic and paranormal fiction genres, it's hard to say if we'll see Cabot explore other areas of literature anytime soon. She's currently working on book two of the From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess series, Royal Wedding Disaster, which will be in stores on May 10, 2016. 

Throughout her tour, Cabot offers some insight into the plot of her current books, but emphasizes the importance of discovering your own "inner royal" in order to experience empowerment and happiness in both our personal and professional lives. Even though Cabot fully recognizes her talent, it still astonishes her at how far she's come.

"Even though I always dreamed of becoming a writer, I never imagined that anything I wrote would become so popular, or that I'd have fans who, having come of age reading my books, are now introducing them to their own friends, sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews, students, library patrons, children, and even — startling as I find this fact — grandchildren!

Cabot will commence her Remembrance book tour at Broward Public Library Foundation's Annual LitLUNCH, which is kick-off event for Literary Feast that begins with a champagne cocktail followed by book sales and signings, luncheon, silent auction, and a presentation by Cabot. The reception is at Hyatt Regency Pier Sixty-Six Pier Top Restaurant (2301 S.E. 17th Street, Fort Lauderdale), on Friday, Feb. 5 at 11:15 a.m. Call 954-357-7382 or visit

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