Fuji Film

TUE 10/7

What is it about Mount Fuji? For that matter, what is it about any mountain that enjoys Fuji's scenic qualities? An air of mystery and grandeur seems to float like so many clouds about the peak of any mountain that rises suddenly from the plains, dwarfing its neighbors. Fuji is to Japan what Kilimanjaro is to Kenya and Pikes Peak is to the United States. Like Kilimanjaro, Fuji is the tallest mountain in its country, rising 12,390 feet above sea level. But unlike the treacherous African peak, Fuji's sides slope gently to the top, making it ideal for amateur mountain climbers with little skill and in at least fair-to-middling health. And that means Fuji sees hordes of climbers every year.

That, along with the mountain's stated photogenic qualities, has given rise to thousands of pictures of the hill, many of them breathtaking in their beauty. Beginning Tuesday, the Morikami Museum (4000 Morikami Park Rd., Delray Beach) displays 36 of those photos, all taken by Kazuhide Takada. The photographs reveal Mount Fuji's beauty in all seasons and all manner of weather -- at least, weather that allows for photography. The exhibit is on display through January 11. Call 561-495-0233. -- Dan Sweeney

FRI 10/3

Culture Vultures

PBICA's turning Japanese

Are you an angst-filled teenager? Are you a creative type? Do you cringe at the mention of "art club"? Or are you just tired of there being nothing to do on a Friday night? The Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art (601 Lake Ave., Lake Worth) feels your pain. And that's why it offers "Culture Club" the first Friday of every month. In addition to a DJ spinning hip-hop and a chance to check out the "Japan: Rising" exhibit, visitors can take in a viewing of Love Letter, a 1995 Japanese film about the relationship that develops between two women who have loved the same man, as they continue to exchange letters and share memories of him. The culture starts flowing at 6:30 p.m.; the outdoor film begins at 8 p.m. And it's free! Call 561-582-0006, or visit www. palmbeachica.org. -- Audra Schroeder

SAT 10/4

Artsy Electronics

Hollywood gets "Plugged In"

For those who find nothing to love in painting, sculpture, and the other traditional art media... well, they probably wouldn't stick their heads inside a museum. But if they did, those heads would be firmly stuck in the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood (1650 Harrison St., Hollywood). From Saturday, October 4 through November 3, the art center presents "Plugged In: New and Electronic Art." The exhibition's artists -- including Kevin Arrow, Michael Betancourt, Francie Bishop Good, Edward Bob, Dimitry Said Chamy, Elizabeth Hall, Jacek J. Kolasinski, MSG, and Siebren Versteeg -- eschew paints and clays in favor of television, VCRs, the Internet, and digital imaging. Call 954-921-3274. -- Dan Sweeney

FRI 10/3

A Museum's Museum

Well, it was only a matter of time, but a museum has finally dedicated an exhibit to, yes, museums. Or at least, the architecture thereof. The Miami Art Museum's (101 W. Flagler St., Miami) "Museums for a New Millennium: Concepts, Projects, Buildings" opens Friday and continues through January 18. While including buildings across the country and, indeed, the world, the museum alsomakes it local by presenting an installation by Miami architect Rene Gonzalez. Call 305-375-3000. -- Dan Sweeney

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