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Ten Best Places in Broward to Enjoy the Final Days of Summer

There is less than a week and a half of summer left, and it's officially time to panic. If the pumpkin-flavored everything and Halloween decorations in Walmart aren't obvious enough, fall is almost here. Admittedly, this is not as troubling for South Floridians as it is for the rest of the country, but the end of summer still bums us out. 

The only thing we can do about the summer coming to an end next week is get out and enjoy some of the things that just won't be the same once the holiday season is in full force. Here is a list of activities you should consider doing before September 22 arrives. 
10. Grab some ice cream and take a stroll on the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk.

The Hollywood Broadwalk isn't going anywhere, but your last chance to feel optimal sun on your back as you walk in your ocean-drenched board shorts is fast approaching. There is a different feel going to the beach in summer, and Hollywood Beach itself is unique during that time. Take one last shot at grabbing some food truck grub or some ice cream on the beach and take in the sights and sounds of summer before it's gone. 
9. Grab a drink and enjoy the ocean views at Hyde Beach Kitchen + Cocktails.

In South Florida, you can always have an adult beverage and take in a beautiful view — those opportunities aren't in short supply — but with the summer dwindling away, now is the time to check in on some of South Florida's most beautiful spots. Hyde Beach Kitchen + Cocktails sits firmly inside the category of outrageously picturesque places in Broward. If you're going to toast it up for the summer with one last drink, this is the place to do it. 
8. Catch some Pokémon in the Lauderdale-by-the-Sea courtyard.

What better time to enjoy a game that's meant to be played outside? Lauderdale-by-the-Sea is one of the best beaches in South Florida, and the crown gem that makes it such a tremendous place to visit is the outdoor courtyard that sits just steps from the beach. Take this opportunity to grab those last rays of sunshine while playing your favorite time-killing app. 
7. Take a jog along Deerfield Beach.

There are few things better than a light summer jog along the beach. It just feels so good to hear the waves crashing, feel the ocean mist spray across your face, and take the sun in while you're running off yesterday's day-drinking-by-the-pool regrets. Deerfield Beach had the perfect setup if all this sound good to you. It's a less-populated beach with amazingly well taken care of grounds.

The boardwalk is just long enough so that you can circle around and head back from whence you came without passing the same people twenty times. Summer is almost over; take a jog on the beach before it's too late. 
6. Take a dip in the W Fort Lauderdale Hotel pool.

If you're going to make a list about things people need to get out and do before the summer ends, you have to include swimming at some point. This isn't just any place to swim, though — this is the place to go for a dip in Broward. The W Fort Lauderdale Hotel pool was voted the New Times Best Pool of the Year for a reason. It's basically a small piece of heaven.

This is the place you go to spend way too much on a tropical drink, order an appetizer you'd otherwise never contemplate eating, and live it up like a celebrity for a day. You can be Ronaldo or Taylor Swift for a good eight hours here (at least in your mind, anyway). 
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