Ten Reasons Lighthouse Point Is the Best Beach in Broward

Throughout the summer, "Best Beaches" will highlight the best beach spots Broward has to offer. Don't agree? Check back next week; your favorite beach in Broward could be next.

You know the saying "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog"? Lighthouse Point covers just over two miles in north Broward, but we'd put those two miles up against any other two miles the county has to offer. Size doesn't matter in this instance; two miles of beach is two miles of beach.

You don't ever hear people complaining about how little the Bahamas are, and you know why that is? It's because the Bahamas are tiny but at the same time really awesome, like gymnastics gold medalist Simone Biles. Lighthouse Point is the Simone Biles of beaches in Broward, and here are ten reasons why:
10. Traffic.

Chances are you've been in Lighthouse Point and not even known it. If you had realized it, though, you would have wondered to yourself whether there are some sort of natural holistic calming herbs being added to the water. Many beaches we've covered have manageable traffic, but in Lighthouse Point, the people you do find in traffic are noticeably more chill. Our guess is this is because a large percentage of the population on the roads is either on vacation or visiting someone who is on vacation. When you're on their relaxed level, you appreciate the change of pace from the rest of the Broward roads. 
9. The crowds.

All the best beaches in Broward share one common characteristic: The crowds that populate them create a certain vibe. Lighthouse Point has a lot in common with neighboring Pompano and Deerfield Beaches in that the people who frequent them give the beaches character. Lighthouse Cove has a unique crowd that is made up of a mix of locals and out-of-towners that makes the entire two-mile town feels like a slice of vacation dumped right in the middle of normal everyday life. There aren't gaudy gift shops or sign-spinners on every corner; there are just people looking to maximize every moment of their time where they are. 

Lighthouse Cove gives off a small-town feel, which is hard to believe considering it's located in South Florida. That's because it's a melting pot of people who have come together to make Lighthouse Cove Staycation Spot USA. 
8. The Hillsboro Inlet and Lighthouse.

Arguably the most special feature of Lighthouse Point is the Hillsboro Inlet and the eponymous lighthouse that rests on the north side of it. On the south side of the inlet sits an old pier made of rocks and wood that has been a popular locals fishing spot for decades. It's the sort of spot residents have known about forever and tourists migrate to. There isn't anything fancy there; the biggest attraction is simply beautiful glimpses of boats leaving the Intracoastal and entering the Atlantic. 

This is another one of those locations in Broward you wish only you knew about but at the same time you feel the need to share with others. The Hillsboro Inlet has gone unchanged for decades, and that's part of what makes it so special to so many people that grew up enjoying it.
7. Nauti-Dawg Marina Café.
2841 Marina Cir., Lighthouse Point; 954-941-0246; 

If a lesser-known beach is going to rise to the top of your beach preference list, it has to have at least one hidden culinary gem. It needs a restaurant that makes you both wish the owners could move to a bigger location so more people could enjoy their food and selfishly want it to stay a secret so you can always get a table easily. Nauti-Dawg Marina Café is that place in Lighthouse Cove. (Well, there goes that secret.)

Nauti-Dawg — located at the Lighthouse Cove Marina — is everything you would expect from a waterfront café and more. They've got everything from hot dogs to seafood platters, bloody marys with a beer dumped in them, homebrewed coffee options that encourage you to drop shots of espresso into them, omelets with a side of pancakes, oversize burgers served with crunchy-chips... you get the point. They cover pretty much every single craving you could have, all right there at the edge of the water. 
6. Scenery.

Much of what makes Lighthouse Point the best beach in Broward are the simpler things, like the landscapes and scenery.  Sometimes, you'll hear people mention that a certain place is practically straight out of a postcard, and Lighthouse Point is definitely one of those places. The blues and greens seem brighter than normal. The beach scrubs are maintained better than you've seen anywhere else. The signage seems vintage, but not old. Every view in this small city complements the next view, like a painting whose colors blend into one another. 
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