Q: Ever watch reality-TV shows?

A: Well, I've seen one that Ford sponsors. A sort of "no boundaries" show. It's kind of hard to remember. They actually go around the world with their teammates. Then they all pick a leader. Then the leader votes off one of the members.

Q: You sure? Sounds like a combination of Amazing Race and Survivor.

A: I can't remember the name. I think the interesting part was actually doing all those things -- mountain biking, running, working together as a team. The part I don't like is when they get rid of team members. The person they get rid of isn't always best. There's strategy. People being pitted against each other.

Q: You know sponsors, not shows.

A: I'm into getting sponsors. I know the gentleman from Ford who does the Mountain Bike Experience here. Toyota does a show too.

Q: Are there any others you've watched?

A: I've seen Fear Factor periodically. People will do just about anything for money. I wouldn't do half of that stuff. It's not healthy. Like eating maggots. My husband watches and says, "Mmm, protein." But things like that are really not good for you. Physically or mentally.

Q: Is it real?

A: I don't think so. It's all for show. It's all to get ratings. They're missing the point. Most of what they do is for money and publicity. It's a lot different to really work toward a goal, to achieve something you really want to achieve, to make yourself a better person.

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