Most bars fall into the tomb category. Black walls. Few windows, if any at all. Darkened booths. Low ceilings. Flossie's, however, is a paean to the open road -- and sky. First, it's tiki style, with additional benches and tables under a nearby oak tree where you can enjoy your $2.50 bottle of Bud or Miller or the like. The no-walls style is a hit with Harley riders, just the sort of clientele who never want to be too far from the smell of tar. Second, Flossie's is a stone's throw from I-95. The rush of traffic is reassuring to anyone with a get-up-and-go psyche, a constant reminder that there's a continuous black strip o' highway going from SoFla to NoCal, should the panic attack call for it. Last, this bar lies so close to the west end of the Hollywood-Fort Lauderdale Airport that you can smell the burnt jet fuel as the 747s take off. What might be nuisance noise to many is the welcome roar of wanderlust to some.

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