Ndamukong Suh has yet to play a single down for the Miami Dolphins, and yet, Ndamukong Suh is the best thing that's happened to the Miami Dolphins in a long while. When the Detroit Lions inexplicably announced that they wouldn't be re-signing Suh, there was little hope the Dolphins would be the team that would land the über-talented defensive tackle — mainly because the Dolphins are terrible at landing good players. But as the free-agency period unfolded, whispers began to swirl that Suh wanted to join the Fins. And it soon became apparent that the Dolphins weren't screwing around. They offered Suh the biggest contract ever for a defensive lineman — a six-year, $114 million contract with $60 million guaranteed — outbidding all other suitors and making sure they landed the hard-hitting, bone-crushing Suh. For the better part of nearly two decades, the Miami Dolphins have been a team that hasn't had a single player that's awesome at any one position. But now, with Ndamukong roaming the line, ready to devour opposing quarterbacks, the Dolphins finally have a game-changer in the form of a six-foot-four, 307-pound, quarterback-eating behemoth.

Readers' Choice: Ryan Tannehill

Most of the coverage of Florida Atlantic University's football this spring has referred to running back Jay Warren as a costarter, which may be even more true after he sat out the school's spring game with a pulled hamstring only to watch Greg Howell step up with a more-than-solid, two-touchdown performance. But that doesn't mean Warren is not still the best back on the team. Howell and several highly touted recruits will put the pressure on Warren, who is expected to flourish with the team's emphasis on running the ball, quarterback Jaquez Johnson's ability to get the ball downfield, and an offensive line with the potential to open big holes to run through. Warren began last season in high fashion, running for 77 yards against then-number-22 Nebraska and breaking off runs of 31 and 33 yards against Alabama and Tulsa in the weeks after. The FAU offense has improved in each of the past couple of years, and as long as he can hold onto the ball, Warren is the guy who can carry this team down the field, as his 4.7 yards-per-carry average on 571 yards and two touchdowns last year shows. Why does this make Warren FAU's best player? Go ask Dan Marino what he would have done to have a running back who consistently averaged five yards a carry and you'll have the only answer you need.

Giancarlo Stanton is the living embodiment of Thor's hammer. His bat is a bolt of lightning, filling the skies with flashes of blinding light with every swing, demolishing pitches and sending baseballs into the stratosphere like streaking balls of fire. The 25-year-old slugger is not only a star in the making and not only has the quickest, strongest bat in the big leagues but is the current face of the MLB, as voted by baseball fans across America. That's right, Marlins fans. Baseball's most popular star plays for your team. Stanton is the perfect baseball specimen: chiseled like a Greek god, square-jawed, handsome, nimble, quick, and more powerful than an F5 tornado. Stanton crushes pitches into the stands, often breaking the scoreboard in the process, making the Marlins a formidable opponent. The historically stingy Marlins knew this. So to make sure Stanton not only stuck around but played his prime years in a Miami uniform, the Fish gave him the biggest contract in Major League Baseball history. He also demanded the team add better players around him. Now, armed with the riches his talent deserves and backed by a team that is poised to make a run, Giancarlo Stanton is ready to confirm to the baseball-watching world that he is a force to be reckoned with. And he's ours. All ours.

Readers' Choice: Giancarlo Stanton

Thiago Alves grew up training and fighting in muay thai but has since mastered all things MMA during his successful stint in the UFC. In his last fight this past January, Alves defeated Jordan Mein, in the process earning himself the UFC Performance of the Night award. Alves is expected to be asked to face some stiff competition this year in the UFC, as his past few performances have garnered him much more contender-for-the-belt consideration. Alves relocated from Brazil to Coconut Creek to train full-time at the worldwide-respected American Top Team camp and since doing so has seen his game catapult to the next level in mixed martial arts. An impressive 2014 turns to a 2015 full of promise for Alves.

Soccer is becoming more and more popular in South Florida, and with an MLS team possibly on the way to Miami in the near future, the sport will only continue to grow — which means you need a go-to place to watch the games. Set beautifully just off the Deerfield Beach shore, Bru's provides the perfect atmosphere to watch the game with the entire family. While Bru's might not be the dedicated-to-the-diehard-soccer-fan bar some competitors boast of, its setting, location, and atmosphere make it a little spot of heaven where you can enjoy the game, then head into the ocean. With hundreds of TVs covering other sports too, you won't miss a minute of the games — no matter how many are on at the same time.

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