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Suggestions for Snooze Theatre's Inaugural Mixtape Night

The Snooze Theatre dudes aren't wasting time in making their new venue a landmark of northern Palm Beach County. They've already booked more shows than you can shake a stick at and are making good on their promises of regular, creative, fun events. The latest in the duo's schemes resonates deeply with us at County Grind, seeing as we are already playlist nuts. Prepare your bodies for August 15, the night of the Snooze Theatre's inaugural Magical Snoozie Mix Exchange Club Meeting.

The title of that event is a lot to wrap your head around, but the organizers have gone ahead and demystified any confusion surrounding the event with this statement:

"No rulez, just like Outback Steakhouse!"

We can get down with that. It's supposed to be fun, so why bog it down with restrictions?

However, if you get stumped, we have a few suggestions for constructing a great mix:

1. Consider the motivation behind the creation of a mix. This is a social event. You will inevitably have to leave your bedroom (Fuck that, right?) and go to a room full of other people. You could live up to the persona you've constructed for yourself while sifting through your vast expanse of Bauhaus and Siouxsie and the Banshees records and wallow in a dark corner the entire time, which would actually be pretty cool.

When the time comes when somebody actually approaches you for your mix, remember that, above everything else, this was created to:

2. Spark a conversation, as solidified by this clip from High Fidelity:

The Promise Ring wrote a song about the message a person can send with a tape:

3. Some people choose to do include central themes to their mixes, much as how we do with our weekly playlists. The possibilities are endless.

You could do a mix of songs from albums produced by David Bowie that David Bowie does not appear on or songs by bands that have played or recorded with Trent Reznor. The looser the connection, the better. Think of how intricately you'd have to explain the reasons you chose your songs and how they relate to one another. You could also just pick a list of songs you really love and get out of the house for once, which is fine too.

Magical Snoozie Mix Exchange Club Meeting. 8 p.m. Monday, August 15, at Snooze Theatre, 798 Tenth St., Lake Park. Click here.

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