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Bimini Bay Bar

Hidden in a dark parking lot within earshot of airplanes landing at FLL is Bimini Bay Bar -- the czar of all dive bars, the sultan of all things skanky. The underground watering hole relishes the fact that it is a bit obscure and unknown to the general public. Heck, the banner outside the building proudly reads "located somewhere in Ft. Lauderdale." This is probably because it serves more than just beer. Once patrons enter the smoke-filled, cash-only establishment, they're greeted with undergarments stapled to the ceiling and adult films playing on the television above the bar. The young lady performing fellatio in the porno is likely to look very familiar to you, and after ordering a Miller Lite, you'll realize why. Yep, the bartender and the porn star are the same person; everyone just got an eyeful of her mouth wrapped around something similar to the neck of your beer bottle just a few moments prior. It's no wonder the risqué haunt opted not to have windows.