Croissan-Time French Bakery

Paris is far away and expensive, but its reasonably priced, delicious flavor is right around the corner at Croissan-Time in Fort Lauderdale. You can't beat a breakfast composed of Bernard Casse's sublime croissants, hot from the oven. He's got chocolate or almond paste-filled varieties, sure, but check out those buttery crescents stuffed with sour apricots and custard, tart raspberries, silky prunes, walnuts, apples, strawberries, cinnamon, ham and cheese, or guava. Hang for a couple of hours with a cup of café au lait and you won't even notice when it's time for lunch. The deli features a selection of charcuterie including mergez and boudin noir; paté; game meats like pheasant and partridge; freshly cut cheeses; and, for dessert, homemade ice creams, fresh fruit pies, and cream puffs. Ooh la la!

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