Darrel & Oliver's Cafe Maxx | Pompano Beach | Seafood, American | Restaurant
Photo courtesy of Cafe Maxx

Darrel & Oliver's Cafe Maxx

Photo courtesy of Cafe Maxx
Originally a flagship of the Dennis Max restaurant group, this establishment was once known simply as Cafe Max. When Max sold out to the restaurant's manager, Darrel Broek, and executive chef, Oliver Saucy, the change was made to show both its lineage and its future. Today, Broek and Saucy continue to create culinary magic nightly at this award-winning New World wonder in Pompano Beach. The inventive, enticing menu changes daily, and main courses labeled "farm to fork" and "sea to table," sourcing local and sustainable ingredients since 1984. While some recipes are inspired by global favorites, most are purely original creations. The menu ranges from appetizers, salads, and soups to grilled meats, pasta, and seafood. Those watching their waistlines can appreciate the section dedicated to "lighter fare" -- dishes with reduced calories, smaller portions, and fewer carbohydrates. Above all, Cafe Maxx is famous for its wine list, a listing heavily skewed to American selections. And for dessert? All we have to say is "save room." The in-house pastry chef turns out classics and new-age riffs from deep-dish bourbon pecan pie and flourless chocolate cake to pineapple and macadamia nut infused carrot cake or various flavored mousse tarts.

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