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Dine Out Lauderdale: Checking in With Chef Oliver Saucy of Cafe Maxx

It's back. And it's now in full force. The six weeks of Dine Out Lauderdale are just about halfway through. With that we figured we would check in with one of the area's most well-known chefs, Chef Oliver Saucy of Darrel & Oliver's Cafe Maxx, to see how things are shaping up this year.

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Clean Plate Charlie: How is Dine Out Lauderdale Going so far? Are you starting to see crowds?

Saucy: So far so good, may be a touch quieter than last year, but it usually takes the first week or so to get the word out. We are especially busier on Fridays, as many of the other restaurants don't participate that day.

Why did you choose to to do four courses?

It provides the restaurant with a showcase to promote our style of cooking, a chance to "show-off" a bit if you will, which I feel allows guests who might not dine with us regularly an opportunity to experience Café Maxx.

Are the courses significantly smaller than the regular sizes?

Yes, they are smaller, but cumulatively it is enough for dinner. It presents and opportunity to "graze" the menu as having four courses from the regular menu is usually too much for most diners.

Could you give us an example of the difference in price points between the Dine Out menu and your regular menu options?

Our average entrée is about 30 to 35 dollars; Dine Out is an exceptional value.

Do you have favorite dishes out of your Dine Out options?

Honestly, I like every dish on the menu and truly enjoy them all--it would take about 6 visits to sample every single one and last year we had multiple guests who did. I particularly like the specials we add onto the Dine Out menu on a nightly basis.

What is the difference in check average per person?

Any where form 35 to 45 percent less; it all depends on the beverage selection.

Are there any other restaurants you would hit up for the Dine Out deals?

Not really sure. Sorry.

Is there anything else you want to tell readers about Dine Out?

Enjoy the Dine Out program now, as it ends before you know it.

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