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Courtesy of Gaysha New World Sushi

Gaysha New World Sushi Bar

Takeshi Kamioka has a solid pedigree in Japanese cooking. His father was a sushi chef brought over from Japan to work at Benihana in the ’70s who eventually opened his own shops, Japanese Steakhouse Village and Tokyo Sushi. So Kamioka grew up in the restaurant biz, then also worked a stint at Nobu in Miami and another on the line at Wolfgang Puck, as well at his own place on Las Olas, Shizen, which closed due to skyrocketing rents in 2009. Kamioka returned to the restaurant world by opening Gaysha New World Sushi in 2011. Late-nighters were especially thrilled; the place serves until midnight five days a week. The one-page menu has standards such as tuna tataki, dragon rolls, and salads as well as nightly sushi and sashimi specials. Adventurous eaters are advised to go with the omakase, or chef’s choice. You just might have some of the most beautiful eel you’ve ever had in your life.