100 Favorite Dishes: #6 -- White Fish Carpaccio From Gaysha New World Sushi

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">6. White Fish Carpaccio from Gaysha New World Sushi

I was never a very adventurous sushi eater. I'm sure many of you know the type: I claimed to like eating sushi, but I mostly stuck to the basics: California, JB, or cucumber rolls, AKA "white people sushi."

But this all changed last year when chef Takeshi Kamioka opened Gaysha New World Sushi in Wilton Manors. His style of combining simple but sophisticated flavors and his willingness to explain his work made me fall in love with eating sushi -- real sushi.

I've come to love the white fish carpaccio. Although carpaccio typically conjures visions of a high-end platter of ultra-thinly sliced raw beef, the technique works equally well with fish.

In this dish, six pieces of white fish (Kamioka uses fluke) are sliced so thinly it's amazing they don't fall apart, and then seared. The pieces are plated and topped with garlic chive, ginger sphere, and thin slivers of garlic. Finally, the fish is drizzled with Kamioka's special mixture of heated olive and sesame oils. The final result is a mind-blowing, savory, delicate -- not chewy -- piece of fish so smooth and buttery it melts in your mouth.

Bonus: This is a dish you can eat gracefully, rather than opening wide to shove a giant, unruly spider roll in your mouth.

Tip for future diners: Get adventurous and ask for omakase, or "chef's choice." You'll thank me later.

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