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Michael McElroy

Tarpon Bend Food & Tackle

Michael McElroy
Nary a frat house or sorority row in sight, but Tarpon Bend's ample customer base sure looks and acts the part. Himmarshee's busiest pickup spot and happy-hour hangout finds reggae and cover bands to regale the white-collar crowd.Since it opened more than a decade ago, Tarpon Bend has anchored that bustling corner alongside the train tracks. It isn't relinquishing that spot anytime soon. Lunch is all pretty faces and power suits, with the menu offering genuinely interesting spins on de rigeur SoFla seafood items: a dolphin (mahi-mahi) Rueben, for instance. Dinner isn't fancy, but it sure isn't typical bar food, either; it's heavy on - what else? -- seafood. Late nights, and especially on weekends, the focus shifts to the bar, and Tarpon brims with a young, sophisticated crowd -- a sampler platter of the wild, the beautiful and the damned, partying the night away.