9 Best Dubstep Mosh Pit Videos
Ian Witlen

9 Best Dubstep Mosh Pit Videos

Recently, the Alternative Press alerted the internet about perhaps the most disturbing musical trend happening now: dubstep mosh pits.

The idea of moshing to dubstep brings out a conflicting set of emotions. It's exciting to watch people slam their bodies into each other, but to the soundtrack of this most grimy and masculine of sub-genres? It's almost fitting, but then totally disorienting.

Now, as you tread forward in this post, be warned that unless you are stoned, filled with manageable hatred, or an actual fan of the genre, you may want to put your head through a wall after watching these.

We saw a lot of videos, didn't put our heads through a wall, but gathered these nine of the most entertaining clips.

9. Wall of Death

Brits are aggressive dubsteppers, huh? No killjoys allowed, and you must look each other in the eyes before smashing bodies. Rules are rules, people.

8. Ska Mosh

Isn't this more drum and bass? These moshers are just so much fun to look at with their corny outfits and dorky masks. They look like they're skanking.

7. Dusty Days

These guys and gals were really into moving their arms around, that is until someone got hurt. And a proper mosh pit doesn't cease once a dude hits the ground. That's just weak.

6. Slowness

Love this slow-mo video. It's like drugs. But that music is like something my parents would bob their heads to when hearing it played in an iPad commercial.

5. Ministry of Mosh

This is like what hell looks and sounds like.

4. Gentile Ibiza Moshing

They all look pretty much like this is their first pit since they're still wearing the shit their moms got them at American Eagle Outfitters in middle school.

3. Tent Pit

This one actually looks a little fun and the Tetris tune isn't hurting the good time either. These folks have a handle on the mosh.

2. More Brits

This looks like a real party. These topless folks probably went home with broken toes and giant, sweaty smiles. You're making us kinda love it, UK. How do you do it?

1. Obscured

It's hard to see this Zeds Dead pit, but when you do, these folks look sloppy as hell. But hey, it's all for fun, friends. Keep moshing.

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