A Mushy Farewell Letter to Green Room's Digital Love

Yesterday, local DJ and promoter extraordinaire, and friend of County Grind, Miguel Bravo announced that tonight's Digital Love event featuring Millionyoung and Sumsun at Green Room will be the last, noting that another event will be taking over its slot. 

Bravo founded the weekly Thursday-night indie dance party along with his partner-in-jams Andie Sweetswirl in 2011, and the ready-to-boogie Fort Lauderdale peeps were quick to hit the dance floor and wile out. In its relatively short life, Digital Love grew to be a well-loved party by its regular attendees and its papa, Mig.

His Facebook announcement indicated some sadness, "Not to get too mushy about a party, but Digital Love holds a special place in my heart for a multitude of reasons."

Mig isn't the only one moved enough to get a little mushy about this. County Grind would like to offer an affectionate response to the news on behalf of YASAFL (Young Ass-Shaking Adults of Fort Lauderdale). Proceed for an emotional farewell to a party we fell a little in love with. 

April 12, 2012

Dear Digital Love,

When we wake up tomorrow to the brutal beep of our alarm clock, before the cogs begin to turn, and roll over to cuddle for a few brief minutes only to find you gone, we'll be heartbroken. We always are on Friday mornings, as they are bittersweet in your absence.

We will remain sweet with the scent of you still on our clothes, hair, and skin. Sweet in the hazy memories of our sticky-with-spilled-Pabst-and-kissed-by-nicotine minds. We will be bitter with the piercing sounds of all that is not indie, post-punk, new-wave dance music, or the rock of local bands.

And if we roll over in the other direction and discover a dance partner turned bedmate, we'll gratefully ache for you even more! For as lonely as a person may be for a lover before meeting one on your dance floor, so too was Fort Lauderdale longing for you, the party. You shook your hips before us, unabashedly, and smiled unforgettably when our eyes met.

Digital Love, now that Mig and Sweetswirl won't be entertaining us into the wee hours of Friday morning, do you think they'd be down to do a Friday morning internet radio show to lift us out of bed and towards the weekend with skillfully selected wake-up music? 

That would be nice. 

That might take the sting out. And, dammit, we're going to need something to get over this! There is nothing less gratifying than waking up well-rested after a night that ought to be spent warming up for the weekend. That's what Thursday nights are for. 

We know that all things must pass, and we've been left by parties before. But that doesn't make this any easier. 

We had lots of fun with you, and we're going to miss you. Thanks for all the sweaty memories and at-the-desk hangovers. Your love, so strong and digital, was not in vain.

Yours Truly,


Millionyoung. With Sumsun. 10 p.m. Thursday, April 12, at Green Room, 109 SW Second Ave., Fort Lauderdale. Admission is free. Click here.

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Travis Newbill