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A Punk Mixtape for a Very Loud Valentine's Day

Here at the Grind, we're never short of excuses when it comes to sharing music with our fine readers, and today's video playlist is thematically in tune with the goodwill of Valentine's Day and charged with the punk rock energy you'll want for when the date's over and the lights turn down. So get your scented candles ready, pick out some nice floral arrangement, and take your significant other somewhere decent and quiet where you can devote your time to a good meal, good conversation, and to losing yourself in the serenity of their eyes.

Happy Valentine's Day and thank you for your continued readership!

The Guttersnipes - "Addicted to Love"

Love is a strong addiction, and as the UK's Guttersnipes tell us in a fun and head-bopping kind of way that we can always be head over heels again and that we can always do what we feel whenever we want to. We're addicted to love.

The Damned - "The Shadow of Love"

Fans have long had their personal and petty little debates over the band's Phantasmagoria album, but one thing is for sure whether it was too Gothic for the punks or too punk for the Goths, this track is an easy standout. We'll light some candles for you and pray.

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