Art: Jethro Tull at Mizner Park Amphitheater by Iron Forge Press

Fort Lauderdale-based Iron Forge Press creates some of the most eye-popping rock posters we've ever seen. Whenever possible, we'll share their designs right here on County Grind.

Experiencing this Iron Forge Press creation starts pretty tame. At first, the eye reads the text: Jethro Tull. We appreciate recycling the letter T. Then, ohmywhoa -- this poster is shaped like a man standing on one foot while playing the flute! Really now. Before getting any ideas about Chuck Loose and Ian Rowan sitting around with safety scissors cutting these things out by hand, know that Blackbooks used a laser to get it looking like that. Look at some detail here.

Two other designs up for perusal: Lombries movie poster that has a car driving into it and the latest Yep Roc Record collaboration for the Sadies in San Francisco.


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