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Behind the Scenes Photos from Univision's Viva El Sueno

Jacob Katel
Walking the red carpet.
Last week Crossfade got invited to Greenwich Studios in North Miami where Univision is filming their new mega reality talent competition Viva El Sueño. Univision was holding an industry preview of the program for big-wig executives, rich, important and famous people.

The show premiered last night. It has an American Idol-type premise, but the twist is that all of the contestants are actual professional musicians who are trying to take their careers to the next step.

Viva El Sueño features contestants from all over Latin America, the United States, and Hispanic Europe. Watch as 14 entrants, one of them a group, battle for musical supremacy on a worldwide stage. Viva El Sueño airs every Sunday at 8 p.m.  on Univision.

And now check out our exclusivo behind the scenes look at Viva El Sueño with red carpet, backstage, and orchestra pit photos of all the contestants plus other Spanish TV celebrities. Enjoy.

Meet the cast. First we have Donnatella and Fela. Donnatella is from Puebla, Mexico and lives in Mexico City.

Fela is from Mexico City and started her career at the age of 9 on the show Barnie.

Donnatella breaks it down

Next up we've got Cristina, and to her right, Diego Dibós. Cristina is from Chihuaha, Mexico, and currently lives in Dallas, Texas.

Diego is from Lima, Peru and currently lives there.


On the left we have Bárbara from Santiago, Chile. She's a songwriter with no kids who currently lives in Mexico City.


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Jacob Katel

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