Birdman Serves New Orleans Thanksgiving Turkeys and Mixed Messages on Being a Gangsta

You know it's holiday season when self-professed merciless gangsta playboys are hosting food giveaways. 

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Another indication would be said SPMGPs suddenly taking a turn for the wholesome. 

Young Money/Cash Money founder, CEO, rapper, and local, Bryan "Birdman" Williams, spent the Monday of Thanksgiving week with his brother and business partner, Ronald "Slim" Williams doling out 2000 turkeys to families in New Orleans. 

Williams, AKA Baby, also had some choice words for the youth of today. Specifically that, "violence, drugs and guns are not the answer."

Wait, what?

Little known fact: Arizona Iced Tea was also the exclusive drink sponsor of the first Thanksgiving.

Nothing indicates you've got "Money To Blow" like tremendous acts of charity. But waitaminute, baby. Where did you get all of that money?

Of course, the past few years have seen the original Cash Money millionaire suckling at the sweet teat of the Young Money stable, which (according to the marketing narrative) is "led" by Lil' Wayne, and features illustrious Top 40 superstars like Nicki Minaj and Drake.

But before he had Tyga, before he had Weezy, before he even had, like, Juvenile, how did Williams keep himself gainfully employed? If his songs are any indication, he was a master chef at the helm of Costco-sized crackhouses.

ABC's news affiliate in Louisiana spoke with the rapper and label exec, who had an unusually wholesome (but situationally appropriate) message. He told ABC, "We grew up in these, what they call traps, we can't let it trap us and we keep our vision and don't the negative overpower the positive, stay focused and keep reaching goals."

C'mon, Birdman! Which is it? Should the kids be runnin', servin', slangin' and cookin'? Or should they be at McDankles flippin' burgers?

Young moolah, baby.

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