Bosh Film Festival's Ronnie Rivera Shares Chris Bosh's Email and Talks Wes Borland

We recently had the chance to chat with our friend Ronnie Rivera, AKA Bleeding Palm, the creative mastermind behind the upcoming documentary Adventures of Christopher Bosh in the Multiverse. The film will be one of many screened at the Bosh Film Festival -- an offshoot of the Borscht Film Festival -- centered around the one and only Miami Heat enigma Chris Bosh. The screening takes place at the Miami Art Museum on December 14. 

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In our conversation, we discussed the whereabouts of Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland, Rivera's upcoming projects, and Chris Bosh's actual email.

New Times: All right, so let's get down to just basics. What is the Bosh Film Festival, for people who don't know?

Ronnie Rivera: It is the experimental component of the Borscht Film Festival. People can come bring projectors and show videos, and we will be screening The Adventures of Christopher Bosh in the Multiverse.

And do the videos have to be Bosh-oriented? Or is it free format?

It's anything goes. Oh, and Yung Jake is going to perform.

Sweet. So what is it about Chris Bosh that drew you to make a short film about him? And do you think any other player on the Heat could have easily been the subject? Mike MIller seems to be a good contender.

I was commissioned by Chris Bosh to make this movie. I only did it cause they promised to read my movie script. It's called I Love You, Manatee. Not set on the title yet. I have a great script ready for an underwater romantic comedy about manatees set during the Cuban missile crisis off the shores of Cuba. It's a musical.

Whoa. So Chris Bosh sought you out to make this?

Yes, he did. I received an email from thisischrisbosh@thisischrisbosh.com asking me to make a movie. I can't imagine anybody ever lying on the internet.

Course not. Seems legit. Has he seen the progress of the film yet?

Yeah, he didn't like it too much. That's when Borscht picked up the film.

What is it about the movie he didn't like?

He didn't like the way he was portrayed. He didn't know the film would include elements from his time before he came to this universe. Things have happened in his past that he's still dealing with. The movie is kind of a documentary.

So times were tough in the multiverse for Chris Bosh. Are any other Heat players from the multiverse?

Anything's possible in the multiverse, but to my knowledge, only Chris Bosh is from the multiverse.

Good to know. So because Bosh wasn't too into your depiction of him (which is crazy he'd think that), do you expect him to be at the festival? Are you upping security at all as a precaution?

I think it would be too painful for him to face his past, so I don't think he'll be attending. As far as security, Chris Bosh is his own security, but we have some magic crystals and bodybuilders just in case.
Tell me a bit more about your manatee film.

Well, it's a period piece obviously. It's about manatees finding love. I'm currently rewriting it to be a one-man musical, but I'll be performing it as John Leguizamo would. And I'm not gonna lie: Nobody's shown any interest yet.

That's so odd, because I feel like that'd get a lot buzz.

Yeah, I thought so too. By the way, the film features two songs by ANR, and the soundtrack is by Wes Borland. All of it is amazing. 

Oh, wow. What's Wes Borland up to? Has he secretly been producing soundtracks?

According to his Wikipedia page, he's up to all kinds of stuff. What I do know is he's a really cool guy.

Well, that's great! Any prospects in doing a doc on other athletes?

After people see this movie, I have a feeling there aren't gonna be any other projects.

Bosh Film Festival, 10 p.m. December 14, at Miami Art Museum, 101 W. Flagler, Miami. 
Borscht Film Festival, 7:30 p.m. December 15, at Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, 1300 Biscayne Blvd., Miami. 

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