Bridget + Luke Post Studio Update, Photos From Saturday's Show at the Bubble

​Bridget Davis of the local folktronica duo Bridget + Luke checked in to the group's MySpace page after performing at Fort Lauderdale's premiere experimental art space, the Bubble, on Saturday. The show was a Broward County salute to another folkie outfit, Raffa & Rainer, who recently released their sophomore album, No Mercy. Between B+L and R&R, there was a whole lot of duality onstage throughout the evening.

More on the show soon, but the blog posting created an image of a "blogging wagon" for the first time, and also revealed that some new B+L material could be on the horizon.


So, I'll admit it. I fell off the blog wagon.

Luke and I have been ridiculously busy lately, doing recitals and trying

to graduate and things like that. 

But! I'm

back and ready to blog!

We played a show on

Saturday with the fabulous Raffa and Rainer at the Bubble in Ft.

Lauderdale. So much fun and so much good music!


the meantime, Luke and I are working on recording some vocals,

finishing up songs and getting this album out and perfected for your


Love and peas


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