Built to Spill's "Hindsight" Video Is 20/10

Idaho indie-rock gentle giant Built to Spill performs for a collection of fans who no longer have youthful bodies but retain the fertile minds they had way, way back in 2010 in the "Hindsight" video. After rereleasing

cherished cuts in chillwave form

earlier this year, this Bob Odenkirk-directed clip shows yet another example of the band's straight-faced, slightly dark sense of humor -- and seems to be another project riffing on the concept for Built to Spill's 2001 album,

Ancient Melodies of the Future

. Need it be mentioned yet again that BTS will be

at Fort Lauderdale's Culture Room on October 15

in support of last year's

There Is No Enemy

? Watch and reminisce about the present below.

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