Celebrity Death Match

Two married pop-country superstars, one stage, one burning question: Who would win in a celebrity death match between these two happily married musical artists?

Why Faith Hill Will Win:

With hits like "Wild One," "This Kiss," "Breathe," and "Mississippi Girl," Hill has established herself as one of the greatest country music vocalists of her time, even if she's barely sung country since 1998's breakthrough album, Faith. The blond diva is the undisputed queen of country music — sorry, Shania, but you know it's true — and she's racked up — count 'em, Tim — five Grammy Awards. Hill also starred opposite Nicole Kidman in 2004's The Stepford Wives. If she could hold her own alongside Kidman (a woman who survived ten years with Tom Cruise), she'll be all right in a celebrity death match.

Why Tim McGraw Will Win:

First, McGraw is, like, way stronger. He also manages to make balding look sexy by never taking off his hat and, unlike his wife, who has appeared in only one movie, he's appeared in three. Plus, let's face it, Hill comes off as a mindless automaton — so she's probably a scrapper without much fighting technique. As for McGraw's musical weaponry, with songs like "Where the Green Grass Grows" and "Live Like You Were Dying," McGraw has basically owned the Country Music Awards for years now. Sure, his wife has won two more Grammys than he has, but he's won five more CMAs than she has. That's got to count for something.

Who Would Really Win:

Although the odds in this matchup look to be in Faith Hill's favor, if only because she's sold more albums and more people know her name, she'd actually go down swinging if this marriage came to blows. Not only would she be slowed by the three kids McGraw impregnated her with in anticipation of this death match but her best vocal work has been in duets with McGraw, who is sort of the wind beneath her wings. If that's not enough, McGraw will probably run for Congress out of Tennessee in a few years, and that's going to leave Hill looking like the underachiever in the relationship. After the election, her kids will no doubt introduce the couple like this: "This is my daddy, Sen. McGraw. And her? Oh, that's my mom. She's a singer or something."

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