Chris Brown and Friends to Host Party Friday at Cafe Iguana Pines

We've seen Chris Brown's name in lights at the biggest stadiums across the world, so to find him on a Café Iguana flier that most likely cost 5 cents to print certainly raises an eyebrow.

Nonetheless, Breezy will hit up the Pembroke Pines hot spot as part of its #BFF Fridays party series with drink specials so cheap, you may not even mind that the singing and dancing R&B megastar is only hosting the event. Fans of the infamous Rihanna ex will have their chance to hang up-close and personal in a crowd most likely full of the same haters blowing up his Instagram comments.

Brown's record of notoriously nasty Instagram backlash and less-than-flattering relationship choices has not stopped him from producing hit albums. His seventh studio release, Royalty, debuted at number one on the U.S. Billboard charts but received mixed reviews to match the mixed feelings we still have for the controversial talent. Remember the domestic-violence situation, that time he threw a fan's phone, or his jail stint for violating his probation? Yeah, Breezy, we may not have forgiven you just yet.

Recently, Brown has managed to keep himself mostly out of trouble by taking responsibility for his infant daughter, Royalty, whom he honors on his latest album. For now at least, it seems juggling a full-time music career, raising a child, and flaunting his massive art and car collection on the internet keeps him busy enough to deter any new reasons for changing the radio station when his song comes on.

Brown's last visit to South Florida was this past September at American Airlines Arena for his One Hell of a Nite Tour. If you spent your rent money on tickets then, you might expect the same subpar performance this time around — if he happens to be feeling generous enough to surprise us with one. Brown usually performs many of his older hits but would be constricted to minimal dancing on Café Iguana's tiny stage.

New fans will be familiar with his latest singles, "Liquor" and "Back to Sleep," though you won't find those in regular rotation on the radio, and we're betting they wouldn't be on the lineup for a potential performance Friday.

If you're part of the 2 percent who still dub Breezy your #ManCrushMonday each week, presale tickets for the Chris Brown-hosted event go for $30, which may be the cheapest you'll ever see the star. And since the flier notes that Brown will have "friends" in tow, there's always the chance of a special guest providing an even bigger bang for your buck. For those into bargains, pop-and-locking, and songs about straight-up sexual intercourse, this is the party for you.

#BFF Fridays Hosted by Chris Brown

11 p.m. Friday, January 29, at Cafe Iguana Pines, 8358 Pines Blvd., Pembroke Pines. Presale tickets cost $30. Call 954-433-8787, or visit

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