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Chris Carrabba-Fronted Further Seems Forever Releases Video for "So Cold"; Are We Too Old or Too Young for This Song?

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Chris Carrabba left Further Seems Forever to pursue other endeavors like the ultra-emo Dashboard Confessional and contributing songs for Tobey MaGuire movies. And after an 11-year break from his hometown act, Carrabba is back in the band with a new release Penny Black on Rise Records. Their first single off the album "So Cold" dropped today with a brand spanking new video.

The question we ask here is, what does this Carrabba-fronted Further Seems Forever mean to late 20 and early 30 somethings? "So Cold" has an adult contemporary vibe. Is that what our generation's listening to now? The thought of a FSF reunion felt fucking great for the first 10 minutes, but then one starts to wonder, "Wait, would I like FSF if I just started listening to it at this age?"

Musically, FSF's debut The Moon Is Down is a

guitar record -- lots of mathy-sounding tunes, weird time signatures, and

epic as fuck songs. Come to think of it, that record is more nerdy than emo

(not that they're mutually exclusive). But people were into the content and the lyrics, Carrabba's lyrics.


couple years ago, we saw Thursday play at Revolution. When they took the

stage, they, no lie, looked like Bon Jovi. But then they shredded this

post-hardcore front that I associated with a time when I had my Jew-fro and NFG T-shirt... And it just felt awkward.

Are these bands supposed to

grow with you, though? Are we ready for the now mature emo band you

were into at preadolescence? It's a seesaw that's hard to balance on.

So is life. But you'll always keep The Moon is Down inside that bubble of your teens, which you can pop or revisit any time.

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