Even if You've Seen Amy, You Don't Know This Part of the Winehouse Story

Amy, the new documentary about gone-too-soon songstress Amy Winehouse, has been getting rave reviews (including one from our own David Rolland) and is easily one of the most-buzzed-about music docs to come along this year. But our friend Hilary Hughes at the Village Voice points out that there's a crucial part of the soul singer's story that was left on the cutting-room floor: her Back to Black backing band, the Dap-Kings.

Considering how entwined the careers of Winehouse, the Dap-Kings, and Ronson were at that point, the omission of the Dap-Kings from Amy's narrative — which does an otherwise commendable job of countering the tabloid caricaturization of Winehouse by focusing on her artistic genius — is a glaring one. How can you tell Winehouse's story without diving deep into the record that lit the fuse to both her ascent and her downfall?

If you found Amy fascinating, you'll want to read the entire story.

And if you haven't see Amy yet, you have no shortage of places to check it out.

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