Explore Surfer Blood's Darkest Moments Via Twitter Before Saturday's Performance in Miami

The Surfer Blood bros get a lot of love and affection from the County Grind, but it doesn't mean that they don't still face human hardship. Vans break down, band members face violent threats, and then the police get involved. Here are some selections from what County Grind will label the "dark period" of Surfer Blood's recent tour as documented on their increasingly bizarre Twitter page (@surferblood).

Arguably, everything that's been getting the guys down lately is preventable -- aside from the whole van issue. Haters can hate, and will probably still enjoy reading what follows prior to the performance Saturday at Grand Central in Miami with the Pains of Being Pure at Heart and Hooray for Earth.

Ouch! Never read your own negative tweet reviews, let alone retweet them.

Stop listening to songs about touring with the Stone Temple Pilots.

Writing depressing songs leads to depressing living, no?

Checking how much money's in the bank is gauche, even when it's your own account.

Uh-oh, this came moments after a brief moment of hope.

Fingers crossed that Surfer Blood has AAA:

JP Pitts: gotta stop with the, uh, faces.

Insert your own "Surfer Blood Bath"-type headline here. Cheer up, guys!

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