Fans Are Writing Amazing Songs About Donald Trump

It's election season, and — surprise, surprise —  serious artists Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, and R.E.M. are pissed about politicians using their songs for campaigns. Donald Trump, however, doesn't need permission from any self-righteous celebrity.  Dee Snider has been fine with Trump using Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It" as an anthem, and besides, the Donald has plenty of fans cranking out homages on the regular.   

Far more than any other candidate —  in fact, if anyone has cared enough to write songs about Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio, they've escaped us, though Bernie Sanders has quite a few tunes in his honor  — Donald's fans have been laying down original tracks with honest-to-God passion and a healthy dose of WTF. 

We're not talking about the usual yuckety-yuk parodies like this weak-ass Seth Myers bit from SNL or tired gimmicks like Josh Groban singing Trump's tweets on Jimmy Kimmel. Nor are we talking about predictable Southern rock made by "patriot" Trump supporters. We will spare you the half-assed bits ("Trump Is Gay Gay Gay"), the painfully obvious "Fuck Donald Trump"s (there are many variations of this!), and the someone-had-to-do-it "Trumpty Dance."  

Here instead are ten truly inspired, fascinatingly weird tunes inspired by the Donald:

10.) Mitchell Stone is from here in South Florida — Tamarac, to be exact. A former Top 40 DJ and talk radio host for stations 940/WINZ and WNWS/NewsTalk-790, he tells New Times that  "when I 'played the hits' on the radio, it made me recognize the qualities of great songs, so following the radio experience I parlayed that music knowledge into founding Emstone Music Publishing, my own BMI-affiliated company." He says he was inspired to write this tune — "President Trump" —  because "I believe Donald Trump is the best 2016 presidential candidate to rally America back to great times and to command the respect the United States deserves on the world stage."

A sampling of the lyrics: 
President Trump. President Trump/ you'll get us on the right track
President Trump , President Trumo / he'll bring America back
President Trump, President Trump/ he'l tell it like it is
No beatin' around the bush / this president is all biz-nizz
...President Trump, You are the rock star/ where is your guitar?

9) A band called Bitcoin Song (its two other songs are about Bitcoin) features a super-into-it wannabe Bono on vocals. The music that goes with the Hemingwayesque title "Donald Trump Song" is super-stripped-down, jangly, amateurish, and yet... captivating?

Donald, Donald, Donald Trump
Build a wall/ build it tall/ don't make it small / Trump
Tell us all about your policies/ as we sip our tea/ Trump
... I don't even like wool cause it's itchy on my skin.

The first comment on this on YouTube video, posted by "a duck," says: "I thought you were joking but holy shit are you retarded."


8) What it lacks in musicality (everything), this tune — "Be Free Vote for Donald Trump" — makes up for with its earnestness. Actually, there are some kinda cool random Casio keyboard bits. Let's not call them completely off-beat; let's call them syncopated.

You're gonna stop illegal immigration/ and stop ISIS / before they kill us all
Be free vote for Donald Trump

7) There are some capable lady rappers throwing down on this Erika Vidrio track, "El Rap de Donald Trump"

"Chinga tu madre" means they love him, yeah? 

6)  Maurise Spears (auteur of "The Pussy Song") put together a remix of a Trump speech, "The Bing Bong Song," but this version, "Bing Bing Bong Bong Song," by NMBRSTTN is better because of the Donald Duck effects:  

5.) A breathy Luke Forbes displays mad rhyming skills on "Donald Trump for President": 

Hannity for Humanity/ O'Reilly makes me smiley/ Greta, even betta
Megyn Kelly makes me hot/ Fox News rocks 
Mr. Trump please be our president... Mr. trump please fix our United States...
ISIS /wants to demise us... 
Mr. Trump / take us out of our slump

4) Warning: this one is disturbing.  Little tiny children with squeaky angelic voices have been programmed to carry out a project called "USA Freedom Kids" and have given the world "Freedom's Call" :

Cowardice, Are you Serious?
Apologies for Freedom; I can't handle this.
When Freedom rings; Answer the Call.
On Your Feet; Stand up Tall.
Freedom's on our Shoulders, USA.

Enemies of Freedom, Face the Music,
c'mon boys, take 'em down.
President Donald Trump knows how,
to make America great.
Deal from strength or get crushed every time...

3) You might know that Mac Miller wrote a song called "Donald Trump" back in 2011, more about his swagger than his politics ("Ay yo, the flyest motherfucker in the room... Take over the world when I'm on my Donald Trump shit/Look at all this money, ain't that some shit?") but Jerry James (AKA White Weird) did it better with "Donald Trump Walk" ("I'mma make them bottles pop/ Donald Trump talk/And I'mma party till I drop/Take my trunks off"

2) Rising hip hop duo Rae Sremmurd was likewise ahead of the curve, releasing "Up Like Trump" eight months ago, which they basically (amazingly!) hiccup their way through. These lyrics aren't exactly campaign material, but 31 million views ain't nothing to sneeze at: 

Up like Donald Trump (up)
Chain swings like nunchucks
She gon' chew you up, twerk like she from Russia....
All these fuckin' rings I'm shinin' like a fuckin' king
Breakin' down the kush, don't it look so plush?
Take a couple puffs, I'm like Donald Trump!

1) Maybe more what you expected? From "the Moron Brothers" of Kentucky, a bluegrass song about Donald Trump's hat. Killer harmonica solo!

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Deirdra Funcheon