Fetish Factory's New Year's Eve Xtreme Fetish Party: Wildest Party Yet (Prediction)

​What do we know of the first new year's party? We're talking party: booze, babes, the whole nine. There's evidence that there was some sort of celebration in Mesopotamia, circa 2000 B.C. in mid-March. That could've been wild.

And an epic party might've been thrown by the Romans in 153 B.C. -- when the New Year was moved to January 1. Romans are wild.

But we're going with Pope Gregory XIII in 1583. The previous year he created the calendar as we know it -- the Gregorian calendar, AKA the Western calendar, AKA the "Christian" calendar. So we thank the Pope -- but we do not thank the Pope.

Because of this man, the human race has been desperately trying to make this night as special as the birth of their unborn child  -- through immaculate conception (that would be special, but not necessarily fun). This has been going on for at least 429 years.

So, this year -- for 2012 -- let's stretch our noggins, and not just do

something special -- and fun. Let's add something alternative, something

crazy to the mix. We offer you the most erotic way to spend this night:

Attend the Fetish Factory's New Year's Eve Xtreme Fetish Party.

If you happen to already have a free profile at Xtreme Fetish Party, you're all set. Log into your profile and find out the secret location for Fetish Factory's New Year's Eve Xtreme Fetish Party. Unfortunately for nonmembers, you are cutting it way to close to become a member. Join! Right after you read this! Seriously!

If you have no photos of you in fetish wear doing something fetish-y, grab a friend or sexual partner who has already seen you naked and/or doing weird shit. You will need two to four photos to get approved. This doesn't have to be extreme: You can be in leather in handcuffs. You can be in fishnets and tied. Get whipped. But don't think dressing in all black will do -- nor will a picture of just your hand holding a paddle.

Be ready to toss out a few sentences on why you should be invited to parties such as these (it's voyeurism at its best) and to list a few of your kinks (like voyeurism). This process is not uncomfortable or hard if you're a person who enjoys fetish parties -- we tried it out for you. And our profile was accepted. And now we belong to an online community of extreme fetishists.

Party starts at 10 p.m. We can't tell you where. It costs $30 online for members. (If you go to Fetish Factory, you pay only $25.) Members are allowed to purchase guest spots for like-minded friends who aren't bold enough to join the Xtreme Fetish Party community -- yet. Those tickets cost $40. Visit

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Mickie Centrone