If you must know, yes, we're totally obsessed with Girls. Not youthful females, ya weirdos, but the HBO series created by 20-something Lena Dunham and funny guy Judd Apatow. We're not the only ones tuning in every Sunday night, and the proof is in the two Golden Globes pudding. 

With songs by LCD Soundsystem, Sleigh Bells, and Belle & Sebastian featured on episodes, the show also offers us girls of a certain age a playlist to which we can relate. Just yesterday, Brooklyn artist Santigold released her music video for the song "Girls," which is also on the HBO show's soundtrack (and after the jump). 

Five Best Music Moments From the HBO Series Girls

Because we love the show so much, we thought we'd share a list of our favorite musical moments from the series thus far.

5. Hannah's Diary
In episode 4, Marnie's boyfriend Charlie and best friend Ray go through the ladies' apartment, eventually stumbling on Hannah's diary. Later that night, the two guys perform with their band Questionable Goods while reading her entries regarding Charlie and Marnie's failing relationship.

4. Hannah dancing to "Halo."

In the season-one finale, Hannah takes Adam as her date to Jessa's shotgun wedding. During the reception, Beyonce's "Halo" plays and Hannah demonstrates her own version of the music video moves. Classic Hannah moment.

3. Marnie and Jessa kiss.
The awkward sort of friendship shared by Marnie and Jessa results in a weird night out on the town. They meet financial analyst, Thomas-John, who lures them back to his apartment. After showing off his DJ skills (wish we could have found the "Steal Your Sunshine"/nature sounds mash-up scene), he attempts a threesome. The two girls share a kiss with Bryan Ferry's "Slave to Love" playing in the back with jungle noises mixed in.

2. Bushwick warehouse party scene.
The girls find themselves at a hipster party out in Bushwick in which Shoshanna ends up smoking crack, Hannah runs off with Adam, and Marnie is left alone to stare at Charlie and his new girlfriend. To the sound of Britney Spears' "Til the World Ends," the girls let loose in typical warehouse party fashion.

1. Hannah and Marnie dancing to "Dancing on My Own" by Robyn.
This has probably become one of the most iconic scenes from the show's first season. Since it premiered, we're guessing thousands of girls around the globe have had their own private bedroom dance parties to this track. It's also the song they played when Lena Dunham made her way to the stage at the Golden Globes to accept her award. 

...and, finally, Santigold's "Girls."

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