Four Tips for Billy Corgan's New Wrestling League, Resistance Pro

Known sports fanatic and "leader" of the now stitched-together Smashing Pumpkins Billy Corgan has recently undertaken a new endeavor unrelated to music. No, it isn't another clothing line endorsement, but it might be just as good. Corgan has launched a new professional wrestling league labeled "Resistance Pro" (complete with an edgy backward R in the logo).

"We're going to try and bring back to Chicago the glory days," he says in an interview with Fox News.

We understand that any new business venture can prove to be taxing to the mind, so we took it upon ourselves to offer some advice to Billy that pertains to the pro wrestling arena.

4. Create Unique Personae:

When discussing professional wrestling, the first thing brought to mind is almost always the league's host of characters. Anyone who has ever watched even a single frame can immediately name the person who stood out most to them, be it the grim visage of the Undertaker walking silently to the ring, shrouded in mystery, or the bald, shirtless Stone Cold Steve Austin shotgunning a beer and flipping off the audience. Love them or hate them, it is their theatrics that draw the viewer in, adding to the drama of what some call a redneck soap opera.

We have a few suggestions for Billy Corgan's wrestling persona:

Billy "The Organ" Corgan: Derived from classic wrestler turned politician Jesse "The Body" Ventura.

Billy "The Black Zwan" Corgan: Reliving the early days of moody, noisy rock that the Smashing Pumpkins were known for, Billy Corgan makes all appearances shrouded in mystery, perhaps troubled by a long-suppressed tragedy.

Billy "The Corgi" Corgan: Corgan has already made it abundantly clear that he would be most comfortable staying behind the scenes. We picture this character akin to Dr. Claw, sitting in a control room or fancy press box, the back of a large leather chair to the viewer, and at all times accompanied by trusty Corgi companion Stumbleine.

"The Smashing Pumpkin": Despite all his rage, this character proves to be more than a rat when entering a famed steel cage match. Fueled by the remnants of the angered days of his youth, the Smashing Pumpkin decimates all opposition with untamed furor.

3. Refine Smack Talk:

Outside of what happens in the ring, perhaps the most captivating part of professional wrestling is the progression of its story lines. Rife with betrayals, romance, and grudges, any pro wrestling circuit is driven by a steady supply of trash talk. This is where character quirks shine, sparking interest from fans and birthing loyal followings.

A prime example of this is best shown by wrestling legend Ric "The Nature Boy" Flair, who is routinely cited as having the best microphone skills in the business, accompanied by his signature shrill "Woooo!"

2. Set Up Special Events:

More than anything else, it is probable that the inclusion of special events are what really makes a wrestling league stand out from the others. Take the WWE (formerly the WWF), for example. Throughout its history, it has had more than its share of hyped, extravagant events, such as Wrestlemania, Summer Slam, and Lockdown, to name a few. Routine viewers and casuals alike rush to order these pay-per-view events with the voracity of a starved lioness. "Corgamania" has a nice ring to it, and Billy Corgan himself is no stranger to promoting events of this scale:

1. Always Make a Dynamic Entrance:

Each wrestling show is never without some form of theatrical appearance from each entrant. Although some are more extravagant than others, they are always present nonetheless. Resistance Pro is labeled as an independent wrestling conference, but we do not doubt that Corgan will be able to whip fans into a frenzy with cinematic entrance sequences from his roster. Hell, he's proven himself time and time again to be something of a business whiz, so it would only be natural to include his own catalog of music to his rising stars, even making room for a performance or two. The man has already done car commercials and endorsed clothing lines. This would not be a stretch by any means.

Below is a fan-shot video of the Undertaker's entrance at Wrestlemania 27, which is on the level of what all others should strive to attain:

Sidenote: The Undertaker is the only wrestler who has gone undefeated at Wrestlemania.

Billy Corgan has been doing behind-the-scenes work in professional wrestling for the past ten years, becoming a known name in the wrestling scene of his hometown of Chicago. Through this, he has made the necessary connections to make this dream a reality. We understand that making era-defining records can be an absolute bore, and we wish him well in his new direction.

Resistance Pro is an independent wrestling league founded and run by Billy Corgan. For more information, such as events, complete roster, and merchandise, visit its official website.

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