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Hate Music and Pan con Lechón-Eating, Pembroke Pines Neo-Nazis

Regardless of what rumors you've heard, or the excessive and rather inane coverage we give inconsequential humans like the Kardashians, the Wests (and their upcoming hybrid model) and the Biebers of the world; your Broward/Palm Beach New Times has always thought of its readership first and foremost. We strive to provide a voice and a line of interest for the local reader who deserves better than our mainstream counterparts. While we can't cover everything, at times, we try to make amends.

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Imagine the eye-opener suffered by this County Grind correspondent this past Monday while on route to the Forgetters show in west Pembroke Pines, when he realized that the sonic needs and necessities of the White Power community here in Broward County had been ignored for so long?! Especially those armed with a pen, a buttload of ignorant hatred, and with a taste for delicious pan con lechón, cascos de guayaba con queso crema, and fritas.

And to think! These constituents of ours are forced by ethnic expansion to shop at Sedano's! That's right, the image above was taken inside the men's room of the Pines Boulevard store. We'd like to set the record straight, and do so with music.

Ahh... the misguided "cuteness" of white supremacists and neo-Nazis; forever toiling in an obscurity, self-veiled into narcissistic aggrandizing, when in reality so very few ever make mainstream waves. It's cute, it really is. It's like a hate-filled afterschool boys club where morons can exchange ideas in the safety of not getting their asses beat by the staggering amounts of "darkies" and "assorted mongrels" running wild on the streets.

More than likely, this was the work of a lone and bored teenager. Maybe even a bag boy with a penchant for PC provocation. In any case, here are a couple of Spanish language Nazi bands who've operated under the "Rock Against Communism" banner. Burgeoning hate mongers will also enjoy the Blood & Honour online paper immediately after discussing Morrissey with their girlfriends since Ian Stuart is every Aryan boy's extreme wet dream.

6. Torquemada 1488 - "Nubes Grises"
These Spaniards get a few points for the simple metal, creepy vocals, their obvious nod to Spain's richly troubled past with their Jewish and Muslim citizenry and the Nazi-savvy inclusion of the number "88" in their moniker. We bet these tards stink like rotting jamón Serrano.

5. Estirpe Imperial - "Morir o Vencer"
These guys probably think they have Viking blood somewhere way back in their lineage. Interestingly enough, they were a bit like Skrewdriver as far as getting exposure outside of the nationalist/fascist circles since they apparently cared about their music too. Shame, sounds like they could've been contenders if they had shared a different ideology. Oh, well.

4. Krasny Bor 1943 - "Solo Contra Todos"
Man, you've gotta love the keen sense of history fascists have. Taking their name from the Battle of Krasny Bor where the Spanish volunteer regiment, the 250th Infantry (División Azul) fought with bravery against the soviet 55th Army; these guys are probably eternally bitter that their abuelos died for the cause, while all they can do is strum their guitars.

3. Sección de Asalto - "Sangre y Odio"
Blood and hate. Slow tempo Oi! We suspect plenty of Manchego-stained braces and caldo Gallego-splotched boots were worn by these dudes. Another outfit taking its moniker cue from WWII era imagery.

2. División 250 - "Es Por Tu Nacion"
These guys go straight for the numeration of the División Azul and were probably in a heated race with colleagues Krasny Bor 1943 to prove who would've been more macho than their abuelos if the opportunity had presented itself to them. If anything, these guys get the "we sound more '80s" award of the two.

1. Batallón de Castigo - "Mentiras"
Our hands down favorite, if we can have one, is the "Battalion of Punishment." Nothing should inspire more fear into non-racist hearts than this outfit. Listen closely, that's controlled and regulated anger that can be unleashed deliberately at a moment's notice! These guys can, at least, claim their membership and foundation partly thanks to the Spanish prison system. Around since 1991, these guys also get the "longevity" award.

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